I don’t know if it is always like this, but this is certainly the moistest place I’ve ever lived. I was just outside enjoying the sunset and dusk and noticed by 7:30pm the truck was already covered in dew.

I like the quiet hours before dark. I just walked around the yard and looked at the plants and trees, pulled a few weeds, switched around some of the bird feeders, and picked up the poop-du-jour in the back yard. I heard a couple of loons calling, a squirrel up in the woods, and a new bird came down to visit – it was black and white and orange. Really cute, but shy.

Yesterday was hot and humid here and we worked hard. The couch got delivered!! After years of futon living for both of us, we have a gorgeous couch. We got leather so it won’t ever be covered with dog hair, but because we’re so scared of them scratching it we have it covered in blankets! I’m sure the newness of it will wear off. I was like that when I bought my leather recliner a few years ago and now it has paint on the arm of it.

We found a used furniture place a few kilometres out of town and I got SOOO lucky! We bought a used desk for me!! I’ve used a six foot long conference table since 1995. I’ve never had a desk with drawers. The one we got was one of several this used furniture place bought from the university. It’s brown – just the press board with the fake wood laminate, but it has two drawers on each side, and it’s huge! I think it’s around 5 feet long, but it’s much deeper than the table I used. I’m just so excited! Of course it was way too heavy for me to carry with Jeff so we spent hours taking it apart out at the truck, then carried the pieces in, and then we had to reassemble. All while dripping sweat from the humidity. Now my office just needs some shelves and I’ll be set. Okay shelves and high speed internet, but that is coming on Thursday!

Yesterday in the grocery store, Jeff ran into TWO people he knew! Two of the guys he works with were shopping so the four of us chatted in the bakery department. How odd is that we ran into people we knew already! One of them owns a golden and are active with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program so we talked dogs for awhile beside the bagels.

Today we headed south to Sherbrooke and went to a Show and Shine they had for old cars. There were probably 150-200 old cars there! And a ton of people! Their planned parking lot was already overflowing by the time we got there. Two people Jeff works with were doing a bbq fundraiser so we stopped and chatted with them. The lady’s husband works for the woodlands division of the nearest pulp mill so I talked to him briefly about employment. I’m going to get an application in, however it is probably almost an hour drive from here so I’m not so sure that would be ideal, but maybe it will lead to something else, who knows.

After we left Sherbrooke we stopped at the lake south of us where there is a picnic area and took Monty for a swim. He came with us today – he needed an adventure. There were too many people at the old car show though so he stayed in his crate in the back of the truck in the shade.

Turns out Monty had never seen a wave before! He was so silly – pouncing on each little wave like it was a toad. We kept him on the flexi-lead because I didn’t have any cookies for bribing purposes if he didn’t want to come back to the truck. The flexi-leash is long enough for him to get out and swim in the deep water though. The water was cold! The husband of the lady Jeff works with today said our lake was incredibly deep. I bet it’s cold too but I haven’t even touched it yet!

Tomorrow is our appointment in town with the truck to bring it up to “code”. It’ll be a relief when that is done. Until next year.