After an incredible first hour online this afternoon, it stopped working! Every time I restarted my browser, I was able to load about 5 pages and then it would stop working (except Gmail which kept working). Then I’d reboot Mozilla and it would briefly work. I set up our network to test Jeff’s laptop and the same thing would happen on his.

I couldn’t really surf for an answer because eventually it stopped loading everything even after a reboot of Mozilla (except Gmail which always worked). I called my brother Brian briefly and got an idea on a couple settings to fiddle with.

Then I took out the manual for the satellite modem and it says that to reboot the modem, it requires the power to be disconnected for at least a minute. I pulled the plug for a minute and then it reconnected to the satellite and bingo we were back in business.

Unfortunately it just did it again. Now thankfully I know how to fix it in just a few minutes, but I’m going to have to track down a better solution for this. We shouldn’t have to pull the plug on the satellite modem all the time.

Okay now that I have the internet restored again, and Big Brother is done for another night (Go Dick Go!), I will find some pictures to post for your enjoyment. Stay tuned…