Yes, you heard me. UPS and their “brokerage fees” are criminal.

These >:XX are holding me hostage. My wedding dress and accessories has arrived from the U.S. however before I can pick them up, I owe UPS $286.71. That is 39% of my total order. For WHAT???? >:XX criminals.

Their customer service rep on the phone said that there is only duty charged on ground shipping. If I had shipped it by AIR it would have been much cheaper. According to her, that is because if you ship by ground, then they have to cross the border where customs is and pay duty. However, they FLY over the border so there are no customs. I’m not kidding.

Oh! Not to forget in this rant, I have to drive all the way to New Glasgow tomorrow after work to pick it up. They aren’t open on weekends.