I picked up my wedding dress today in New Glasgow. Of course it wasn’t a quick and easy pick up. Although I had placed a hold on the package last night so I could pick it up, they still sent it out in the truck for delivery. So I got there after 5 and had to wait around (I went to Walmart for a bit) until 6:20 when the truck came back and then I got to drive the hour home in the dark.

I won’t even dwell on the fact UPS thinks New Glasgow is spelled New Glasglow and they have it in New Brunswick instead of Nova Scotia. Or the fact that the place I had to pick this up at had 2 business names, 2 street names, and was in the country.

Any hooooooooooo,

Hurricane Noel is rolling in tomorrow. We are supposed to expect wind gusts of 120km/hr inland. I bought a case of water in case the power goes out and we can’t draw water from the well without power. Forgot about the bottle deposit, so when you buy a 30 bottle case of water out here, you pay an extra $3. Although I love Nova Scotia, it certainly isn’t a cheaper place to live (and the wages are way smaller). Gas was 111.9 today! Wanna hear about how Bell Aliant sent us a $1207.80 phone bill? They have admitted it isn’t accurate but no one at Aliant seems to know how to fix it.

In the morning we have to get up and put away the patio furniture and everything else outside that is going to disappear with hurricane wind gusts! I’m kinda excited to see what this will be like. We’re going to go into town first thing in the morning and pick up a few more supplies and some wood working stuff to finish off the bookcases.

I’m expecting we won’t have much of an internet connection over the weekend. Satellite internet and heavy rain don’t jive. 40-70mm of rain are predicted the last time I checked.

By the way, the wedding dress is the most gorgeous wedding dress I’ve ever seen and I don’t think I’ll need any major alternations, if any. It fits well. The wedding RSVP’s are coming in fast and furious. It’s like Christmas card season having all these envelopes to open! So far we haven’t had one person decline (except for Uncle Bernie’s practical joke).