Our power was restored this afternoon!

Jeff had to toss out everything in the freezer, and most of the stuff in the fridge. It was thawed and some was stinky. Oh well. Glad we didn’t have anything in the big freezer yet. Jeff is ready to price generators for the next big storm though!

There is still no power across the lake. I feel so guilty – like I want to keep our lights off so they don’t hate us and our good electricity fortune. However we have a big yard light that is rather difficult to hide!

It took me hours to get our internet working again. It seems the router isn’t working. We had a newer one we had never used so I now have it hooked up instead. I don’t know if it somehow got a power surge or what – it appears to work perfectly – with all the right lights and settings, but it won’t transfer any data from the modem to our computers.