No snow this morning, no rain, -1.

Luckily when I pulled onto our road this morning I noticed it was shiny and not wet and not dry.

I could feel my car moving around.

Up the road there was a truck completely in the ditch, almost like he had parked parallel to the road, only a metre or so down in the ditch.

Then I caught up to a couple of slower moving vehicles so I slowed down even more behind them (WAY behind). Up the road a bit further there was gravel spread all over the road and a car was way into the trees in the marshy area on the curve. Yowzers.

I was almost all the way to town before I met the salter truck. There were people flying down the road who hadn’t realized it was slippery yet. Not too bright!

I’m telling ya, it’s time for me to get some of those spikey tires!