We had a festive weekend!

It started with the Christmas Tree lighting in Sherbrooke. We walked across the town to meet 2000-odd people at the tree. Some people had candles and some had glow sticks. Some had antlers. After we did the count down and the tree was lit up, we walked as a mob back through town in the middle of the street/highway to the old village/museum – it has 80 old buildings – like they cut off the best part of town in the 1800’s and surrounded it with a fence (might be exactly what they did). So we walked through the old village and it was all lit up. Beautiful. None of my night photos came out too well though.

On Saturday we went to the local craft show. Craft shows are HUGE out here! There was a mob waiting at the door for it to open! I bought a couple of Christmas presents, but I won’t tell you who they are for!

On Saturday night we had tickets for a dinner theatre in Sherbrooke! It was a lot of fun. The play was “Christmas in the Klondike”. We had seats at the end of one of the tables so the actors and actresses walked right by us. Jeff was a little scared that when the Klondike girls were taking men into the back room that he was going to be the next target. One of them gave him a flower! hehehe

Next weekend – another craft show!