Lisa in Texas said I need to post more, so I will try!

I can not begin to tell you how badly I want to cut off my fingernails. I hate fingernails so much. They are in the way of everything. I type all day and these things are in the way. I told Jeff that they were getting cut off before we even make it to the hotel the night after our wedding 😀

Two weeks from tomorrow!

Then the hair can get chopped off too!

You should see the front lawn right now. I swear there is a bird party here every day while we are at work. There are tracks everywhere! In fact, yesterday the metal suet feeder was out in the lawn and not on the bird feeder pole! I thought that was wild! But today Jeff said he found it half way down the driveway when he came home from work!!! With bird tracks all around it! The BlueJays he thinks.

Today it was -11 when we woke up and it is -8 now. The lake closer to town, that is shallower, is now frozen over. Our is frozen around the edge, but not in the middle. This is the coldest day yet. It is often about -2. There is an elderly priest who has an office a few doors down from me. He stops in every morning to talk weather with me. He is all bundled up with a homemade knit scarf and hat and mittens. I mentioned to him that I found it really mild here. He was floored. I guess it is all what you are used to. I have heard it will get to -20 here but only a few times a winter. And it will snow here, but to not expect to go broke by the guy that plows the driveway because we should not need him that often. I gather the crowd around at work and tell them tales of Northern Ontario on the Canadian Shield where it is -30 for days at a time and how I remember -40 several times. One lady thought the Sault was in Manitoba. hehe

Okay I need to restart my browser or something because all my apostrophes have turned into funny è characters.