No more dreams in the last couple of nights! YES!

Jeff came home last night and we exchanged our Christmas gifts. He spoiled me!! He gave me beautiful diamond earrings that I can wear on our wedding day! 😀 😀 He also gave me two books – one I had been asking for and another book that looks really interesting – the story of Oak Island, NS – some sort of lost treasure or hidden gold story – I can’t wait to read them both.

One of the things I gave Jeff – well I guess he’s not getting it now because it was from eBay and some >:XX outbid me with 2 minutes to go and I lost it :no: I’m so sad. It was an old barometer in the middle of a small ships wheel and it had the SS Montrose on it. I had all the history of that boat printed and was so excited. There were no other bids or hits on the page.

I also got him one of those units with 60 little drawers on it for storing screws and nails and other doo dads. And I got him a Jeff Foxworthy daily Redneck calendar. And a Montreal Canadiens portable thermos mug (that he picked out). And some chocolates. AND in just 8 more air miles, I’m cashing in all the air miles that have been earned on my card in the last 5-6 years and he’s getting a little stainless steel fridge for his workshop downstairs!

Yesterday at work, they had a coffee break in my honour with a cake and cheese and crackers. A few people said they really hope I come back after we get married (..uhm, like where else am I going?)

Tonight is going to be a crazy night. We have 101 things to do before we leave tomorrow. Jeff wants to leave at 4am and drive all the way through without stopping so we miss the snow coming on Sunday. I do not want to load the truck and leave at 4am, so I guess we’ll see if I get left behind.

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