I had an awesome sleep last night!
Monty didn’t bark or growl once (that I heard)
Jeff wasn’t so lucky because he had a long afternoon nap.
Hopefully we’ll find a mechanic and be on the road soon!
Big winter storm is hitting Nova Scotia tonight!

8:13 Atlantic time
Jeff talked to Canadian Tire who didn’t sound too helpful. He’s just left with the truck. Oh please please please let that battery last until he gets there. The pets and I are at the motel for now.

Jeff called and he made it to Canadian Tire. They are booked solid but he thinks they may bump the appointments back to squeeze him in. We looked up the directions on how to fix it ourselves in case he can only get the part. We’d have to buy tools though. WHEW he made it there! I just emailed my boss that I won’t be at work today. (I was going to work a half day today and tomorrow – the library is open with basic service but most people aren’t working – I just wanted to make up a day so I didn’t have to burn my entire vacation days for the wedding).

I haven’t heard anything else from Jeff so I’ll assume it’s good news. If you don’t see any more updates here, then we’re on our way!! Now keep the storm away until we get home!