More from our drive…

I didn`t tell you a couple cool things from our drive back!

In New Brunswick, we saw 15 deer, and a LYNX!

The province of New Brunswick has installed fences along a lot of the TransCanada highway to keep the animals off the road.

We saw 15 deer in that province – many of them were standing on the other side of the fence looking over at the highway.

Then, east of Moncton, we saw a lynx! A lynx is a really big wild cat. It was sitting on the slope beside the road. I couldn`t get the words out – I was just pointing at it. Luckily Jeff followed my pointing and saw it too!

Sorry no photos, I`m not that quick on the camera.

The St. Lawrence River had huge ice chunks floating on it. I tried to take some photos through the window while Jeff was driving so here is the best one. These are from Christmas morning before the alternator died.



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