It snowed all day yesterday, and then turned mild last night. As a result… the driveway is passable!! And now we have a heavy snow fall warning for 20cm tomorrow.

Jeff decided to clean off my car, that hasn’t been touched in over 2 weeks, and take it down to the road level in case this is our only chance of driving up!





After he got the car down, he tried the truck, and it came right up with no problems – he didn’t even have to back-up to take a run at it!



Now that the truck is up here, we could finally unload Grandma’s organ. It seems fine even after being in the truck for far longer than intended!



Now I just want to learn how to play this thing! I’ve been surfing for some learn how to play the organ books, but they seem very difficult to track down! Chapters and Amazon have a few – but they are mostly unavailable.