I’ve heard and read enough of the bad press on plastics that I’m doing something about it.

We toss all our nalgene’s. I carried one everyday full of water for years. If plastics are leaching bad things and causing hormonal changes – look at all the food I consume from plastic!

A lady at work has been drinking out of a glass jar at work for 5 years she says. She takes a mason type of jar and she found plastic reusable screw top lids to use on them (like these: http://www.goldaskitchen.com/merchant.ihtml?id=113&pid=11537&step=4)

They are plastic, but usually your food or water isn’t sitting against the plastic.

She also ditched her plastic containers and tupperware she keeps left-overs in the fridge. She says wide mouth glass mason jars work great for left-overs.

I placed an order for a stainless steel 1L container like the nalgene bottle I used to carry every day. I can’t wait until it arrives.

Even when I fill up a glass at work with water – the tap water is gross and full of chlorine and the water out of the water machine has a big blue PLASTIC container of water feeding it. I love our water here at home. Well water. Cold. Tasty. Refreshing.