While I drove to work it was -7°C and raining! Freezing rain! Until my heat kicked in I had to hit the washer fluid button every few seconds to keep a bare spot on the window to see out.

Once the heat kicked in for the defrost, I could keep the window relatively clear. The cars are so iced up now that I’ve been here for 30 minutes and can see my blue beauty from my window.

It can do this all day if it wants, as long as it is +8 and raining wet rain by the time I go home. It’s still -7 now at 8:34 Atlantic time.

UPDATE: 3:28pm. Still freezing rain. Only -3. Forecast high of +9 isn’t here yet. Leaving for home in 30 minutes. Predicting 30 minutes of windshield chiseling.

UPDATE: 5:07pm. I made it home. -3 Still freezing rain. It wasn’t too bad. My car is THICK with ice. Idiots were passing me on the way home. They were going 100-120 km/hr. Nutcases. Because there are 2 tire tracks on the driveway down to half gravel, I made it up no problem 😀