The Province of Ontario finally sent us our Marriage Certificate (which is nothing but a fancy photocopy of our marriage license) so now I can change my name at the bank, my driver’s license, health card, and a few other official things. I am still not used to have a new name. It feels like a bit of an identity crisis. Soon everything will be in the name of Lisa Schuyler and I won’t have to think twice which name to sign :p

Our lake broke up yesterday. It was frozen in the morning. Then it had some water covered spots – from the run off after the pouring rain on Saturday night. Then it got really windy. Soon enough the open water had waves and then it was growing, and now it is completely thawed right across from us to the other side. Not all of the lake is thawed, just sections. Our neighbour has a nice dock across the road. Wait. Our neighbour HAD a nice dock. It had a built in bench and had a couple sections – now it is in several pieces and most of it is splinted. The shifting ice yesterday broke it apart.

We went for a drive yesterday to check out the spring flooding. On Saturday the spring load restrictions started on all the back roads. So many of the bank roads are a MESS. They are paved, but have massive holes and cracks and peaks as the frost is coming out of the ground.

The mighty St. Mary’s river is up and over it’s banks and is covering the flood plain right up to the edge of Highway 7.

We went over one bridge on a side road and found this sight:


Here is a typical countryside view – complete with blueberry fields, dairy farm, spruce, and a building falling over.