We have a love/hate relationship with our red squirrel.

He’s funny to watch. But he drives Monty squirrelly! :)) Monty goes crazy watching the little bugger. He starts whining and jumps up on the windows and rips across the floors scraping his nails all over.

Yesterday Monty spotted the squirrel on the end of the porch so I let him out and he chased the squirrel across the deck and across the yard. It was fun to watch. :)) The squirrel retreated to his woodpile beside our shed where he lives.

In no time he was back on the bird feeders eating the suet out of the bird feeder. When we spook him while he’s on the feeder, he takes a big leap, stretches all out, and then flies through the air landing on the bushes like he was doing a big belly flop.

Yesterday Monty was going squirrelly out by the barbeque. Jeff went out to open the barbeque, and the squirrel was staring back at him from inside! They spooked each other and the squirrel ran up into the woods.

He wasn’t gone long though.

Here are some shots of the squirrel as he steals more suet.