houseflyI’m at my wits end with these damn flies.

Ever since we’ve moved in to this house, we’ve had big dumb buzzing houseflies who must have a horrible sense of self-worth since they are forever killing themselves off by recklessly diving into blazing halogen lights, drowning themselves in toilets, and getting themselves stuck in dish-soap-laden dishes.

I don’t know where they come from.

But I know where they go.

Under every window is a collection of dead flies waiting for the vacuum to pass by.

When we came home after our wedding trip to Ontario, there were dead flies everywhere! Every toilet had a handful of drowned flies.

It seems they multiply every time the sun is out. So maybe they are living in the walls and get heated and push their way into the house. Only our house is less than 20 years old – if they are in the walls or in the attic, how are they making their way into our house?