New Birds this Spring

Here’s an update on the birds we’ve seen here in Nova Scotia. I’m no ornithologist, but the Nova Scotia bird book we bought is pretty good.

We’ve had some new additions to our bird feeder this week!

The Goldfinches are back. Yellow is my FAVOURITE colour so I love seeing them. Last summer we’d have swarms of 20+ of them. They have a really pretty song too.

Tonight Jeff noticed a bird on a tree in front of the lawn, heading down the steep slope. I took photos of it from the window so I could zoom in and ID it! Turns out it was a Northern Flicker!



There are some red birds around – can you identify?


All winter the Dark-eyed Junco’s have been in our front bushes.

We have Red-breasted Nuthatches

Yesterday we had a White-throated Sparrow at the feeder. It has a splash of yellow on its face and is a little plumper than the other birds that visit the nyger seed feeder.

We’ve had Black-capped Chickadee’s all winter. They are friendly little birds.


We always have crows around. Robins too of course.

I haven’t seen the Blue Jays in at least a month.

More unidentified flying objects – Is this a Chipping sparrow?



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4 Replies to “New Birds this Spring

  1. I spoke too soon! There are 2 blue jays hanging out on our property right now! The Flicker was back too – is he ever LOUD when you are up close! I read that they eat a diet of mainly ants. There are lots of massive ant hills here so maybe he’ll be sticking around.

  2. Cecilia says the red bird is Purple Finch! They’re really pretty. I have took some more photos that I’ll post one day soon.

  3. The red bird looks like it could also be a male White-winged Crossbill but I can’t see the beak in detail. The one you think is the Chipping Sparrow, I believe is a female Common Redpoll. Happy birding!

  4. I just checked….both the White-winged Crossbill and the Common Redpoll are listed as Birds of Nova Scotia.

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