Jeff and I had a great morning outside doing yard work. I cut the grass while Jeff cleaned out the shed and burned stuff.


The Evening Grosbeak came back, and he brought 2 of his girlfriends! All 3 of them sat in the tree for quite some time before they went to the birdfeeder. Then all 3 sat on the sunflower seed feeder and snacked for a bit.



This afternoon we went to the spring casserole dinner for our community development association. We had a late lunch, and we not at all hungry, but we wanted to support the community, and I was hoping we’d meet more people.

We went, ate, and left, without talking to anyone 🙁 No one even asked us to enter the 50-50 draw, but since we walked away the big winners at the fall casserole supper, we felt fine not gambling on this draw too. Don’t go to a casserole dinner if you aren’t hungry. It hurts a little.

After the dinner we took the dogs to the lake down from us. It’s less populated and there is a picnic rest area there. No one was there so we took the boys down to the water to swim. Trooper didn’t want to swim today. I imagine his old joints weren’t keen on the cold water. Monty was a keener thought and could have retrieved those bumpers for another hour, but other people showed up, and brought the black flies, so we backed in it and headed for home.

I don’t think I’ve ever tired Monty out once. He swam out for probably 25 retrieves and he hasn’t napped yet.

We were just watching TV and I saw a hummingbird zip by the window. Jeff ran to the kitchen to prepare the hummingbird food to put in the feeder. We didn’t even have it out yet. 5 minutes later the ruby-throated hummingbird was back! He sat on a branch sticking out of the pile of cut alders. He sat so still – if you didn’t see where he landed, you would have thought he was a leaf. Then he started coming to the feeder! We took 33 photos, but he’s a tricky bugger to focus on. Luckily he sat to feed so here are the best shots (some with the flash, some without – it’s dusk – even trickier!):