A special thank-you to our last sponsor, my cousin Meaghen Stock!!

On Sunday it was a rainy dark day, but the rain held off for our walk!

There weren’t too many people out – maybe 20 people and 10 dogs? There were people of all abilities, sizes, and ages. We met at the Lion’s Club House and we were given a pin from Purina that says “They’ll never walk alone”. I put Monty on one of Winger & Surf’s 4 foot red leashes we used for therapy work. It’s nicer for a walk with other dogs so I didn’t have to wrap the leash around my hand as many times as a 6 foot leash.

There were 2 other golden retrievers – each walked by young girl. One said her dog Kramer always had to lead the pack so she kept running up behind us. I told her I had the same problem! We tried to let them walk at the same pace, but then they just sniffed each other and were tripping us up so I let her go by and joined a later pack.

The walk lasted about 45 minutes. We headed down to Main Street and stopped at an Ultramar gas station where they had water and milkbones. After a break we walked over a block and headed back.

The two ladies who were on the walk with their dog guide both won prizes for raising the most money. One of the young girls was the third place winner!

I got a little gift bag with a Purina bandanna for Monty, a treat bone for Monty, a $5 coupon for a farm and pet supply store, and a little red leash.

Here is a picture of Monty and I after the walk.