Last week we had the wood stove guy out to check-out our chimney to see if we can get the wood stove he recommended.

He said he was here to completely un-seize the pellet stove a few years ago, and he replaced the bricks in the main floor fireplace. He said our chimney was fine for the wood stove. He said it was very dirty though so he’ll have to clean it when they come back to install the new stove. A bit of wood will have to be chipped back from around the stove pipe too. He suggests that we angle the wood stove to point to the bottom of the stairs so the heat will go up the stairs, but we think that might look a little odd.

We will get the wood delivered here after we get rid of the huge piles of alder Jeff’s cut down. We’re looking at renting a chipper for half a day to mulch them up. Then we can spread them in the floor gardens and the rest can be dumped in the woods.

As for the wood stove, we’re waiting on a sale that we heard about for the wood stove that will give us the blower kit for free. I like free.