pszzzzzzzzzz ZAP!

We bought an insect killer tonight!

It’s the Stinger Ultra Insect Zapper. It has a black light in it, and some insect lure, and is supposed to work for 1 acre. The mosquitos and flying insects are supposed to be attracted to it, and ZAP! they get electrocuted. What I wouldn’t have done for one of these last summer in that mosquito-ridden back yard near Parry Sound ::shudders::

Here’s a link if you want to see what it looks like:

So far tonight it has zapped several, and Monty keeps barking at it. I think the bright purple glow of it is freaking him (me) out.

Hey! Wanna know what my husband did today? He thought it was too nice of a day to be in the office, so he went out in the boat with another one of his officers! Must be NICE! He saw 20 seals he said!

Jeff in the boat at work

Here is a shipwreck from 1964. “The Fury”

Jeff in the boat at work

More scenery from his day at work:
Jeff in the boat at work

That black dot in the water is a seal he says.
Jeff in the boat at work

OH! And a young little bobcat ran across the road in front of us when we were coming home from town – only a few kilometres from our house. At first we thought it was a cat when it started across the road, but that was no pussy cat! It’s back legs are angled different and it had a bob tail and different ears!


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