Avoid the Mulberry Motel in Summerside, PEI!

I found it online a few weeks back. It has a beautiful website and is listed on a website that shows pet friendly motels. The photos looked good so I reserved it for 2 nights. (We were over on PEI for a dog show this weekend.)

Right away we knew we were in trouble. I rushed into the room to pee and there was no toilet paper. None. Not even an empty roll. And it was over 30°C in the room!! It was like a sauna in there!

It was a very old, small, ugly, motel room. It stunk. And it was hotter than hell. The heat was off. And there was no air conditioner. I didn’t even realize a hotel could still exist that didn’t have an air conditioner!

There was one little wooden window that opened. And the screen on the screen door opened at the top. There was a very wobbly ceiling fan that we fired up, but it did nothing to relieve the incredible heat. It was only about 21°C outside at the time. The entire weekend it was easily 15°C hotter in the room than outside – day and night.

We spent two nights there, not sleeping. Thankfully there was TV with a decent selection of channels. The bed was just a double and was probably older than me. No doubt the comforter on top was too.

Cars came in and out of there all day and night. They’d come in, stop for a minute, and drive back out.

The shower had great pressure, but the water suddenly would switch to scalding and then to freezing during our showers.

The final kick in the teeth to the guests? Local phone calls were $0.75 each.

The outside of the motel was very nice looking and was beautifully landscaped. So what went wrong? I don’t know. Obviously the owner didn’t care about making the experience a pleasant one. Even a cheap motel can ritz things up – how much is an air conditioner? Toilet paper? How about some local travel brochures? A kleenex box? Free local calls? A pen? Pad of paper? Need I go on?