Today is our one year house anniversary!

August 27th, 2007 was the day we took possession of our house.

I remember we drove from Ontario with the truck FULL of everything that didn’t go with the movers – including 2 dogs, a cat, and my aquarium fish!

I remember a year ago this morning, we got to visit the house that morning for the final walk through. The realtor said we could leave some things there – but just in case something went awry with the deal, we decided to go in to town and wait for the deal to finalize – hopefully by noon.

All day we anxiously awaited a phone call to tell us the key was ready for us to pick it up from the lawyer. And we anxiously waited all day. Every few hours the sun would shift and we would move to another parking lot to keep the dogs cool.

I think it was after 4 o’clock before we got the key!

That night we unloaded everything from the truck. I spilled an entire bag of dog food on the driveway because the bottom was soggy. We had a lawn chair each to relax on in our new kitchen. We cooked some pre-made pizzas from the grocery store. Jeff had to cut up the pizza with his pocket knife – we didn’t have any dishes or utensils! The moving truck wasn’t expected for another day so we slept on the floor of our empty master bedroom. It was even less comfortable than it sounds!

So now here we are a year later. There are a few boxes still not unpacked (yes they’re mine! get off my back!) We are very happy with our house purchase and hope to have many more years in our palace on the hill!