It was amusing how much rain we got and how the rivers are overflowing, and the roads are washing away. Until yesterday.

We had weathered all the rain so well. Until yesterday.

Our driveway received significant damage. It poured so hard yesterday it washed a lot of our gravel away. We have a long steep widing driveway up the hill through the trees. There are new huge crevasses carved in the driveway all the way down. Deep canyons. Piles of gravel at the bottom. A real mess.

And on top of that, it must have poured into our back walk out faster than the drain could handle. The water must have risen high enough to over flow the basement door sill – and soak HALF of our basement. Nothing was too damaged – a lot of things were wet, but nothing perishable.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna is forecast to hit us dead on this Sunday. We just can’t have any more rain (it is raining now).