To continue from my post on Thursday…

Our dial tone came back on Thursday night but sometime during the day on Friday the dial tone was gone and still is.

I emailed Aliant to cancel the technician on Thursday night.

On Friday, they left a voicemail on our dead phone line asking if we had a problem and they would send someone out.

We got home from work – phone line is dead again.

Sunday I email their help line again and tell them it is still out. Here is the latest:

By the end of the work day on Friday, our phone service was out of service again. We’ve had no dial tone all day Saturday.
If possible, please send a technician on Monday. Call 902-968-06xx with 30 minutes notice of their arrival and I will leave work to meet the technician.
Lisa Schuyler

This morning, here is their reply:


Thank you for contacting Aliant Trouble Resolution.

Your Aliant Internet Service account history shows that since our
last conversation, you have called our helpdesk for assistance and
were able to find a solution. I hope that we were able to
satisfactorily answer all of your questions.

If you have any other requests or inquiries, please do not hesitate
to contact us again via email or by phone at 1-800-773-2121.

Thank you for choosing Aliant. We appreciate your business.

Have a great day!


This is nuts – everytime I email back the case number is in the subject and the entire history of our emails are attached. I emailed back:

NO, we have not contacted Aliant and have not found a solution!
We still have no dial tone.


They responded back again

We have a cable technician scheduled for today, to fix your problem,
the ticket sent by Mike on 2008 09 18 12:36:19 is still open, when a
problem is not fixed directly, the issue remains open until a
solution can be found, In this case It has been referred to our cable
tech’s, since we have found a problem on lines outside.