The blizzard hit over night and is supposed to continue until tomorrow.

Every one of our windows is covered with snow. The winds are really picking up. Supposed to hit 100 km/hr today. I can’t see more than a few feet in any direction.

If you check out my webcam, you’ll just see the snow that is covering the window! I’ll see if I can go get a broom and clean off the window.

This is exciting!!!!!!!!!!

At 5:30am all the plows and equipment were pulled off the highways.

8:54am – While I was downstairs getting the fire going, the side door of the house blew inwards. By the time I noticed Monty was outside, there was snow in the house and I was terrified Sally got out but I eventually found her inside. The snow outside is knee deep (we had no snow yesterday) and there is 60cm more forecasted 😀

11:03am – Just went out to broom off the window for the webcam again. The snow is over my big winter boots. Some of it is over my knee now. It’s extremely windy. This is an old fashioned incredible blizzard. I love it! Too bad it didn’t hit on a work day 😀

11:08am – Power just went out briefly! PLEASE stay flowing Mr. Electricity. We are way too dependent on you! We have filled up 3 pails of water, and the tub.

12:05am – A dozen evening grosbeaks just flew in to our empty feeder! Just went out to fill the sunflower seed bird feeder and cleaned off the window again. You can see them on the webcam!

10:18pm – It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a storm like this one! In the Sault it snowed a lot and I was always shoveling – but never a prolonged blizzard like this one. It’s still really gusty and snowing and drifting. Jeff had to clear out a bit of the back yard because the snow is too deep for the dogs to move around in. Glad Jeff doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow. I am curious to see how much snow is piled in the driveway but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. It’s difficult to walk around out there!