Yes that is right. There are a specific set of injuries that you will acquire when you take ownership of a Cape Code style home.

And they all involve your head.

If you aren’t familiar with the Cape Cod building style, it is where the front roofline of your house is steep, with your bedroom window dormers sticking out front.

The dormers create a hazard in your second storey bedrooms. You can stand at the window and marvel at your beautiful scenery. But you must be careful not to daydream when you are near the window because if you attempt to walk to your right or left, you will konk your head with such surprising force that you will quickly find yourself getting acquainted with your bedroom carpet.

This weekend I added a new dent to my skull. Surprisingly it wasn’t from the bedroom ceilings. No, those I have become well acquainted with.

Saturday I decided I would lean over the oak stair case railing while I bounded up the stairs, telling Sally the kitten to follow me because I was about to fill her food bowl.

Unfortunately our Cape Cod style home does not feature an open layout so after I hit the fourth or fifth step, my forehead met the ceiling with such surprise that I was fully in tears before I crumbled to the steps.

Be careful out there home owners. Dangers lurk. Head injuries hurt.

Luckily my new 2 inch long soft spot is hidden within my hair line.