At the beginning of the week I found a salamander in the basement. It took me a few moments to determine if he was actually alive because it really isn’t the time of the year to find a salamander in the basement!

We brought wood in on Sunday evening so I figure he was probably hibernating in the wood because he was really dosey.

I put him in a little container with some water while I figured out what to do with him. I couldn’t leave him in the basement. And I couldn’t throw him outside – it’s still winter outside! He’d freeze!

While he was in a little bit of water he started to really wake up.

So I bought him a little $10 aquarium and decided he can stay with us until the ground thaws and I can set him free.

So far so good, he’s still alive, although shy. I believe he is a blue-spotted salamander. I bought him some amphibian food, but he hasn’t eaten anything. I googled around a bit and all indications are that I really shouldn’t expect him to eat because he’s supposed to still be hibernating.

I was able to get a couple of pictures through the plastic aquarium where you can see him. He’s really cute.




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3 Replies to “Salamander

  1. You don’t know much about the difference between amphibians and reptiles do you Brian?
    Salamanders don’t bite and don’t stick a forked tongue out at you and laugh. They’re just cute and friendly.

  2. umm I am with Brian on this, i didn’t like to see the picture so close up because it looks like a snake head.
    Yuck, maybe as a whole it might be cuter.

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