Dad visited for the long weekend. I had a GREAT weekend! We did so much, and hopefully I will get a chance to post specific stories and photos.

What we did:
-visited Peggy’s Cove
-visited ThatDuchmen’s Cheese store and bought some gouda
-attempted to reach White Hill, Nova Scotia’s highest point
-planned our next attempt to reach White Hill
-attended to our wounds, sunburns, broken muscles (not so much mine – I bailed out of the adventure early)
-played a lively game of Trivial Pursuit
-enjoyed lobster, fish & chips, bbq’d chicken, bbq’d shrimp, bbq’d steak, Jeff’s smoked salmon, and not mussels
-visited a couple more lighthouses
-planned our garage
-met with the county’s building inspector
-saw 4 moose
-saw 100 dead porcupines (more or less)
-shocked Dad with the price of fresh produce out here (I’m not talking about the porcupines anymore)
-patched Dad’s flat tire
-drove all around to Pictou, Wreck Cove, Antigonish, Sherbrooke, Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, Lower Economy, Cape George, and Arasaig
-watched countless hours of Cottage Day on HGTV in front of our warmish fireplace while it poured outside