We dreamed about a vegetable garden all winter and we actually made it happen!

We believe there used to be a garden of some sort on the south side of our house so we brought it back to life. Well. First death. Now life.

We painstakingly hoed all the vegetation (grass, dandelions, parsley, and daisies) off and then framed in an area about 12×10 feet. I thought that would be huge for a garden!!

We bought 10 bags of top soil and 10 bags of sheep manure to improve the soil. That barely covered the area so we went back and bought 15 more bags of each.

Today we spontaneously stopped by the greenhouse in town. Everyone has been telling us we “aren’t allowed” to plant any vegetables until after the first full moon in June. Well, there were other people buying vegetables today, and I will be away next weekend, so we dove in and bought a few started plants.

Jeff busied himself with wrapping the garden with chicken wire (after all, it would be a shame to plant a vegetable garden just to allow the deer and bunnies to snack in it).

Once we started reading the tags on the plants we realized our garden is WAY WAY WAY too small! Most of the plants said they had to be planted 36 inches apart, OR MORE! Good grief! We couldn’t even plant all the plants that we had. So that huge mental list of vegetables that we planned to grow was for naught – but there is always next year – (or next month after a frost kills off these ones). So what did we plant? As row of herbs – oregano, chives, rosemary. 2 kinds of green pepper, jalapeno, 2 kinds of tomatos, PLUS cherry tomatos, 2 squash plants, cucumbers, and 2 kinds of lettuce. Looks like we’ll be having salsa and a side salad this year 🙂

Because they are so far apart, and some of these little starter plants barely had roots, we popped two shoots in one hole a few times.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden