Progress report: A+

I took my arch supports out of my shoes and put a small pad under the first metatarsal in each foot. My foot pain has drastically subsided. This is practically a miracle!

Yesterday morning I got out of bed and I DANCED around the floor. Usually I crumble into the wall and follow the wall to the bathroom.

For the last couple of years, for some reason, I’ve had to sleep with my feet pointed like a ballerina. I suppose it was for pain relief that I started doing it. I found ways to sleep where I was half on my stomach so I could keep my feet completely pointed. I haven’t had the urge to do that once since I read about Morton’s Toe and why my feet hurt so bad.

It no longer feels like someone is smashing the bottoms of my feet with a sledge hammer every time I stand up or take a step.

I do think that it is affected my knees though. I expect that now that I can walk better, the rest of my joints have to realign. For two days now my right knee has been visibly swollen. It doesn’t hurt, but feels loose, like I could bent it backwards. Hopefully that will tighten up soon.

I’m certainly not cured yet, but this is an AMAZING difference. It feels like I’ve been secretly dosed with powerful pain killers. I feel flashbacks of what it used to feel to walk without pain, years and years ago.

If your second toe is bigger than the first, like mine is, read this book: Why You Really Hurt by Dr. Burton S. Schuler.

I’ve only read the excerpts and information on the internet, but I’m going to the bookstore after work to buy the book. Maybe there will be something in there about my knees.

(Lisa in Texas, get this book!)(Or read everything on this site: to start!)