Saturday September 5th, 2009.
6:00 NS time
The sun is rising as we are coming into Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland! I see light!


Jeff! Look! Whales!


The cold morning air is making Jeff’s tired eyes water!


The air is really freshly chilled here!

Let’s get out of here!! Monty has to pee!

4:56pm NFLD time. We’re so exhausted, but wisely decided against an afternoon nap because we both knew we’d never wake up until the wee hours, or tomorrow! We’re in Gros Morne National Park. Gros Morne is an incredible beauty. We have a nice campsite and our tent is up and Monty is in front of the truck puking his guts out after eating salt water. We just walked on the beach (it is close enough that we can hear the waves from our site!) and Monty loves to chase and bite waves. I guess too much of that salt water went down his throat.



6:32pm NFLD time. I think it’s bed time now. We didn’t want to start a fire because we knew we weren’t going to be able to stay up. We havedn’t touched the “Black Horse” local beer we bought. I feel like I’m still on the ferry and things are rocking but I know it is just because I am tired.

Today started out foggy as we drove north of Port Aux Basque. But by the time we got to Gros Morne, the sun came out, and the sun was warm! I don’t think the temperature went too far into the double digits all day though! Now the sun is setting and everything is getting very damp. This campground has signs everywhere to boil the water even before bathing! Jeff just made himself some coffee his camping coffee press. He boiled the water for 10 minutes and still couldn’t drink the coffee. I have a hot chocolate sitting here cooling down. I wonder if chocolate kills the stink of bad water.

I think we should have rinsed Monty off from the salt water. His fur feels … odd. He’s very thirst now that he puked up all that salt water.

Tomorrow we are exploring Gros Morne and staying at the same site so we don’t have to dismantle the tent. Site #25 – Shallow Bay Campground. Good site. Cecilia – our hats are off to you – you really climbed Gros Morne mountain? I don’t even want to think about attempting that!! Alright, Jeff is back from the comfort station. Time for bed. Yes, we know it is only 6:37pm here, but it feels like midnight and the earth is rolling back and forth …. zzzz…