Signal Hill, St. John’s

After we got the diagnosis for Jeff’s truck, we had to stick around St. John’s until the parts came in the next morning. That was okay, because there was plenty we wanted to see!

Here are some of our many photos from Signal Hill:

Cabot Tower:

Before we went, I read a bunch of tourist reports on the web warning against the trail at Signal Hill and that it was scary and dangerous. That is it down below:


No, there was no way I was taking that trail, even it it hadn’t have been so windy. Yes, I did turn chicken at some point over the last 10 years or so.

Jeff knew of a photo where the photographer is looking over a lighthouse and he knew it was somewhere in Newfoundland, but he didn’t know where. Well we found it! At Signal Hill!


It was so crazily windy, but it wasn’t foggy, so we could see over to Cape Spear (where we went next)




It was THAT windy!

Marconi calling her father:

St. John’s:



Again, I wish you could tell how windy it was. Maybe this tour bus will give you some indication. From the looks of it, I’m pretty sure it was just recovered after blowing over the edge.



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