I’m sitting at my desk at HOME this Wednesday afternoon. Why? Because Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday in Nova Scotia, and that suits me just fine.

I have a sore throat (not uncommon with these beastly tonsils) so I’m sipping on some herbal blueberry tea that I bought in PEI. I don’t drink tea very often, because it is way too hot, but this tea smelled really good.

Jeff is out checking his hunting grounds. He is nauseous and felt warm to me. Could he be getting sick? Maybe he just is too hot with the heat on now and all. He does prefer his house to be sub-15°C.

I’m listening to Rosie O’Donnell. I’ve been an on and off again fan of hers. I didn’t watch that piece of garbage “The View” show, but I did watch her old talk show occasionally. She’s been on Howard Stern for a couple of interviews and I enjoy her much more when she speaks so candidly. She just started a 2 hour talk show on satellite radio where she is able to talk about whatever she wants, and she has chosen not to fill the time with celebrity fluff. Instead she talks to real people about real topics. She sends Snuggies to truck drivers who call in from the road so they stay warm in their trucks 😀 Today she is talking about the American soldiers, and how America calls them “troops” and takes away all personalization of each of the dead, and wounded, and how the coffins are hidden, and the rehab hospitals are falling apart, and she is taking calls from veterans and parents who have lost their children, and bashing Bush, and wanting to know why their country’s children are dying in Iraq and are not in Afghanistan. This is why I love satellite radio.