The plow wasn’t here in time for the first snow fall, that fell after the ice formed, so our driveway wasn’t so good for a couple days.

But it arrived on Wednesday and we spent Wednesday night outside in the cold assembling the bracket for the plow and then attaching the plow to the quad.

I only had to run back inside to the basement once for a tool that I never heard of (torque wrench). Our battery powered lantern worked so Jeff could see what he was doing.

Here are the first moments of Jeff trying it out.









I am beyond ecstatic about this plow. After these photos we got about 10-15 cm of snow. On top of ice, that would usually put the driveway out of my range for weeks. But we woke up early and Jeff plowed it down to ice and gravel. Then we got a warm spell up to +7 that almost melted the entire driveway. YES!!!