Yesterday was my last day of work until January 4th! WOO HOOO

What has been going on?

-upgraded to Windows 7 today on my desktop computer at home. It went fairly smoothly. I went from 32 bit to 64 bit since my computer was capable of it. I’ve moved most of my files back and now I’m reinstalling software. 1 beef so far – it automatically installs drivers for every device, which is awesome, but I can’t get the mouse to recognize the left thumb button and I am used to using it ALL the time.

-I’m listening to old time holiday songs on Sirius. Looks like there are 5 Christmas stations this year, so I can jump back and forth between Bing Crosby’s Christmas channel, contemporary carols (yuck), holiday classics on the 40’s channel (currently listening to Buddy Clark’s Winter Wonderland), pop carols, or carols from country stars.

-I zipped to town this morning to beat the grocery store rush. It worked! I hate grocery shopping, but it was more tolerable with hardly anyone in the store.

-Christmas shopping is all done! Gifts are mailed. Okay one didn’t go out until this morning so it will be way way way late, but…. aww well I’m not perfect

-the snow is quickly being replaced by mud. It’s been raining for a couple days now. Jeff had to plow Monday morning and I’m so grateful that he did (and I LOVE THAT PLOW) because the driveway would have been all rock hard ice with all the rain. Around my car it is very icy.

-Jeff didn’t take extra days off this Christmas so he still has another day to go tomorrow. My employer forces us to take 5 days of vacation at Christmas.

-I am going to miss everyone like crazy at Christmas. I love our family Christmases so much, but travel at this time of year is awful. (see ‘We ate Leonard’ – for a refresher) Hopefully we’ll live closer some year so we can have family Christmases again.

-I’m going to have to reboot in a sec to install more software, so ta ta for now.