My indoor garden

Jeff gave me an indoor light garden for my birthday!

I love growing plants.  We tried out a vegetable garden this past summer, but the vegetables weren’t ready for harvest until the frost was setting in so this year we are going to try to grow some starter seedlings for outdoor planting to get a head start.

But I just couldn’t let an indoor light garden collect dust through the winter!

On December 30th I found some herb seeds I had left from an unsuccessful herb garden attempt.  So I planted the remaining coriander, basil, and oregano.  The grow lights are on a chain so they can be lifted or lowered and I set up a timer to control the light period.

We set up the garden in a corner of the basement near the wood stove.  Jeff put a peg board on the wall for me so I can hang up my gardening tools 😀

Here it is:

My Indoor Light Garden

After Christmas we finally lucked out finding seeds at the garden co-op store.   I did a bit of research to figure out what we could grow inside, so we selected tiny tim’s (cherry tomatoes), parsley, chives, and a lettuce mix.

The lettuce mix was sprouting within 48 hours!

My Indoor Light Garden

In this one (shown above), the first row from the left is tiny tims, then a vertical row of chives, then parlsey. The 3 rows on the right were the herbs planted a few weeks ago – oregano, then basil, and on the far right, coriander.  (:oops: confession: I have no idea what coriander is.)

My Indoor Light Garden

Here is the lettuce mix.  I planted an entire tray.

My Indoor Light Garden

My Indoor Light Garden

My Indoor Light Garden

I learned that the oregano is very sensitive to watering.  I killed off almost every oregano sprout in the back two cells from overwatering I think. They turned brown and rotted away.

The coriander is the tallest and has started to fall over.  I don’t know if it is growing too fast, or if that means I need to light the lights up, if they already need to be transplanted, or if coriander usually falls over.  I will have to Google 🙂


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