Here are two of my favourite things I’ve read this week:

Enjoying the Small Things: Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story – Kelle Hampton is a brilliant photographer and a touching author. I’ve never seen such vivid colours in the photos she takes of children. In this touching post from January, Kelle shares the birth day of her second daughter. All of her excitement and her anxiety of having a second a child was rocketed into a new dimension when she gazed at her new born daughter for the first time and realizes she has down syndrome. Read it

Auto-appendectomy in the Antarctic: case report – In this article, you can read the story of a Russian surgeon, Leonid Rogozov, who developed appendicitis while he was in Antarctica in 1961. As the only surgeon, and with no way to evacuate, Leonid had no choice but to operate on himself. This fascinating article contains photos and diary entries written by the surgeon. Read it