I watched Precious this afternoon. I think I felt like I had to watch it so I could vaguely keep up with pop culture.

I should have known better.

Anything ever recommended by Oprah is garbage.

And I think they all have the same story line.

Black young woman, repeatedly raped and beaten and abused and can’t read and write finally finds salvation in an alternative school with a sweet patent teacher who will change her life.

But, as any Oprah favourite, it refuses to have a good ending because her father has impregnated her twice, and as a bonus, also gave her HIV.

Did I wreck it for you?

Good, don’t watch it. It’s awful.

Plus, I don’t know if it was just for this role, or if the actress Gabourey Sidibe normally talks like this, but I could have used subtitles. She mumbled like she had a mouth full of marbles and I almost turned it off twice in the first 15 minutes out of pure annoyance. I easily missed half of her lines in this movie.

Who needs a movie like this? It’s not a true story, so someone, somewhere (Oprah?) thinks that this is entertainment.

My rating? 0/5

Please remind me to stay away from anything with an Oprah recommendation!!