This week we finally ventured around the southern end of our new province.

And I’m sure it was really nice.

If we could have seen any of it.

Damn fog.

We did get a few photos when there was something other than fog visible, so here are a few shots from day 1.


Monty had a great time. Unfortunately he has to ride in the back of the truck, but there is a cap on the truck, and he has a big vari-kennel to ride in, with water, and the all the windows in the cap were open. We stopped when we could and let him have adventures.


This picnic area wasn’t too far from Halifax. There was a busy beach on the ocean side, but in land, on the way to the outhouse, I spotted this little lily-pad covered pond.



Lunenberg was nice. The fog lifted and we found a shady spot for the truck so we could visit some shops.





The streets are very steep in Lunenburg and I was wincing watching the horses struggle to pull wagons of people down the hill to the water front. Do you think horses can get calf cramps? Look at this horse stance.


Jeff spotted the Bluenose II. It was stripped down and barely recognizable off to the edge of the waterfront in a boat yard. I didn’t think it was polite to photograph her all naked like that so we didn’t. That and we couldn’t get a good camera angle.

There were lots of tourists all the way from Halifax down to about Lunenburg. Chester and Mahone Bay were packed with Ontario plates, a few B.C., New Brunswick, California, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Manitoba, and I saw one from Saskatchewan.

We stayed the night in Bridgewater. Luckily the hotel kept our reservation and had a room for us. They told Jeff another hotel had a fire that day and rooms were scarce. Unfortunately they didn’t have a ground floor room that we wanted so Monty didn’t have his crate to sleep in that night. I took him for a good walk to wear him out, but his sleepy time ended at 3am. After that, every noise made him want to growl at night and we’d have to pounce on him before he barked.