Day #2 ended early in Yarmouth in the early afternoon.

The fog hadn’t lifted, and it was raining, and we decided to just stop wasting our sightseeing time looking at fog. We checked into our hotel early and had a good nap.

Sometime between 5 and 6pm the fog finally lifted! We decided to search for a good seafood restaurant. Jeff found a few possibilities in a south shore travel magazine so we set out with Lady Garmin to have a seafood FEAST!

Unfortunately, Lady Garmin, our GPS, led us to a grass covered empty lot, and 3 other closed restaurants.

Yarmouth lost its fast ferry from Maine this year and the effect on the town was certainly noticeable. It was kind of eerie and sad to see the grass and weeds growing through the asphalt at the ferry terminal.

We drove all over down town and then headed back towards the hotel where the chain restaurants were. The only family restaurant we could find was Boston Pizza. :-/ At least I ordered the shrimp and scallop fettuccine, but I’m not sure it was local.

After dinner we headed back to the waterfront were we had spotted a boardwalk earlier for some photos and so we could walk Monty. And guess what we found?!


It hadn’t even been gone for 2 hours and it was back.

There was a cool shipwreck across the bay from the waterfront. Can you make it out?


Yarmouth is a really nice place and it was stocked full of the big historical houses and buildings that I love. Here are a couple of my favourites that were side by side.



Did you see the steps in the top window? Cool, eh? It looks like it goes up to two more little windows up higher.


Oh and guess what else we found when we were driving around after dinner?

A big seafood restaurant on the waterfront. The one that Lady Garmin thought was way down the street in an empty lot. I don’t know how we missed it 🙁 Next time…