For your live viewing pleasure… our front lawn

I have been fiddling with my webcam today and I have set it up so it will updated every 60 seconds for you hurricane watchers and enthusiasts.

It is pointed out of my office window on the first storey of our house.

So you can now watch our weather, as we see it, until the power or wireless internet go down.

Right now, there is nothing to see, except a spider who keeps walking across the window. If the hurricane follows its forecast path, rain and wind will pick up on Friday night.

I have a low light booster turned on so you can see some things at night.

If you want way better action (since we’re not on the coast), you see can several very high quality webcams at (including cams from Peggy’s Cove, Halifax Harbour, Bay of Fundy, Digby, and Cape Breton).


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  1. Great idea… but our home internet connection went out overnight! If you see an image from 3:52am, that was the last time the internet was working. Grrrr.

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