With Jeff out of town, and the weather cold and wet, I decided to hibernate this weekend.

Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV.

So I ordered the movie channels.

I am years behind on my movie watching, so I grabbed a comforter, turned on the stereo speakers, and starting watching.

Let’s see if I can remember all that I watched so I can rate them for you!

Up in Air – 4/5 – I liked looking in on the life of business travelers. Brian V. you should watch this one for travel reward tips. HA

The Hurt Locker – 4/5 – I hate war movies, but this one had more of a documentary feel to it and less of a Hollywood feel. Maybe it was the shaky camera shots. Whether it was an accurate portrayal of the bomb disabling teams or not (likely not), it felt like an inside look at the ridiculous war America is fighting in Iraq so I stayed up past midnight last night to watch this one.

Couples Retreat – ?/5 – Unlike The Hurt Locker, this one didn’t seem worthwhile so after watching the first 30 or so minutes on Saturday night, I packed it in and went to sleep.

XXX – 3/5 – This was a Vin Diesel movie, full of action, and and a ridiculous furry trimmed coat. Not what I’d usually select to watch, but I liked it.

Rock Paper Scissors: The Way of the Tosser – 1/5 – I tried, way way way longer than you would, but this movie sucked SO bad I feel silly giving it a 1. I bailed out, but it is too embarrassing to report how long I hung in, so I won’t.

If Lucy Fell – 2/5 – This was an older movie with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was sucky, and predictable, but I stuck through the entire thing.

Passenger 57 – 2/5 – Another older movie. I stuck through it, hoping there were snakes on the plane, but no such luck. Just some nasty terrorists.

21 Grams – 2/5 – I was on the phone during a good chunk of this movie, so it was on mute, but I don’t think I really missed too much. It jumped around way too much with the timeline, back and forth, and I felt very manipulated as a viewer. Glad it didn’t get my full attention.

Love Happens – 4/5 – I watched this movie in the theatre, and remembered that I liked it, so I gave it another watch. This movie made me change my mind about Jennifer Anniston and now I like her. And for some reason, in this movie, she really reminded me of my godmother Helen. Can’t explain it.

Ghost Town – 3/5 – I’m sure this story line has been done before, but I’m a sucker for a non-scary ghost movie. In this one this grumpy dentist dies for 7 minutes during his colonoscopy and then can see ghosts who need his help to tie up their loose ends.

Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl – 5/5 – The winner of my movie marathon. This is a PG family movie about a girl in the depression years. I loved it. Watch it. It’s like a good old fashioned Disney movie in a way I guess.

The Girl in the Park – 2/5 – Older movie, with Sigourney Weaver. Her daughter is abducted as a child and she spirals into recluse, until she mothers a troubled child 16 years later who she thinks is her lost daughter. Not really worth watching unless you are trying to pass the time while your husband is away and you need to zone out and pass the time.

4 Christmases – 2/5 – Another Vince Vaughan selection. I was also on the phone during 2 of the Christmases and watched it without sound, but I don’t think I missed any crucial plot points. It was predictable even without volume, but I don’t think it was meant to be a stellar piece of cinema.

Lassie – 5/5 – I watched the original old Lassie movie on the classic movie channel. I’ve never seen it! Wow it was good, and made me cry. Any movie where a dog dies or gets hurt or is separated from its loved one rips my heart out.

Earthly Possessions – 2/5 – Older, 1999 movie. Susan Sarandon is a housewife who is kidnapped and turns out to love the thrill and sticks with the way younger criminal for an adventure. Nothing new or earthshattering here.

There. Did I remember them all? Whew. I told you it was a movie marathon. It was SO nice to not have commercials that I think I’m ready to drop a bunch of our other tv satellite subscriptions that have nothing worthwhile on, ever, and keep this movie package around for awhile. ($21/month)