Grandma Verkley’s organ

Grandma Verkley loved her organ.

And now others will too.

When I heard Uncle Phil and Aunt Doreen were looking for a new home for Grandma’s organ, I had grand visions of learning to play it myself, so three years ago, Jeff and I hauled it way out here to Nova Scotia.

But as ambitious as I first was to learn how to play the organ, I haven’t learned. The piano lessons I took when I was younger have not translated well to the organ. So mostly, the organ has just sat here, unplayed.

I could have kept it here. We have lots of room.

But Grandma would want it played.

So today we took it to its new home – the Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital’s Northumberland Veterans Unit (website) in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Grandma’s organ will be in their large sun room, with full large windows on 3 walls, overlooking the Pictou harbour, were the Veteran residents, Veterans from the community, and their friends and families socialize. Today they are having a Christmas party and Santa is coming to visit.

Their Recreation Director told me he had a lady asking for an organ so she could play. He had no idea where he would find one, but he promised her he’d try. I donated it in Grandma’s name, and they are so delighted to have it. As it turns out, several of their Veterans fought in WWII and help liberate Holland.

Here is a photo I found of Grandma playing her organ, years ago:

Grandma playing organ


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  1. Proud of you Lisa. Stories about Grandma are always tear jerkers though, she was the best of the best. Thanks!

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