We knew from the commercials that we were going to like “Gold Rush Alaska” on Discovery.

Anyone else watching? What did you think of it?

The first episode aired here last night. It is an intriguing concept. A father and son from Oregon are facing hard times with the economic downturn. They decide to sell what is left of their failing business, and with gold at an all-time high, they decide to head for Alaska to strike it rich in gold. The father was involved in mining 30 years ago and was able to find an old mining buddy who offered them a lease on a mining claim. They recruit several other unemployed men from their town who decide to head up to Alaska with them to work. Some of these men are about to lose their homes, and others have already moved in with their parents or in-laws.

They bought a bunch of old dated machinery, retrofitted others, and packed gear, food, and an insane amount of guns and ammunition. Some of the men are bringing their young sons with them. Only one of them has ever mined before. None of them will get paid, unless they collectively bring gold up out of the ground.

Here is the preview for you to get a sense of the show:

It airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern on the Discovery channel in Canada. I’m sure it replays during the week.