We get weather warnings more than once a week!

Hurricanes, tropical storms, wind warnings, snow warning, heavy rain fall warnings, AHHH! I love it.

Why do I get so excited for storms?

I have no idea.

Was it from chasing funnel clouds in the car with my dad as a kid? Was it from all the snow days from growing up in the country? Was it watching Anderson Cooper getting tossed around by the eye wall of a hurricane on CNN?

I’m not sure.

And yes, thank-you, I am easily terrified, so is that why I like storms? Maybe it is just the thrill of the unknown.

Just a few days ago, on Friday, we had a rain fall warning and a wind warning. And it didn’t disappoint! We had pouring rain for at least 10 hours, which turned to snow by morning, and everything froze!! That is when the blowing snow warning was issued!

All the rain that fell is still sitting where it fell, locked in as ice.

There were a couple places on the way in to work this morning that had “Expect Flood Conditions” signs. But it was -21°C so they were completely frozen. The tiretracks in each lane were down to the pavement, but the rest is frozen thick and solid. Huge ice chunks are piled up on the snowbanks – I’m guessing from snowplows banging through after the rain.

Tonight we have a wind warning for 100km/hr!! It’s too bad these winds seem to keep hitting us at night so I can’t watch. Instead I have to just listen to the wail of the wind against the wall and under the eaves of the roof.

Right now it is snowing, but by midnight it is supposed to change to rain, and then hit +5°C by morning.

We’re admittedly a little anxious about the morning. If it is +5, we’ll have solid ice covered in water. And we have a really steep driveway with nothing but a guardrail or a passing pulp truck to stop us from hitting the lake (although it does seem solidly frozen).

I saw a river closer to town that is completely over its banks and has flooded the low lands, but it is currently frozen solid. The neighbouring house has dug big trenches across the 3 feet of snow on their front lawn – perhaps to help drain away tonight’s rain?

Stay tuned.

Oh, and in anticipation, here is what I see right now out my office window, as night falls:

webcam shot

It is hard to make out the falling snow. I’ll update again after dark.


Wind is picking up and the snow is freezing to the window.

Update #2:

Oh yeah! This storm isn’t disappointing! Currently we’re getting heavy wet snow, at least 2 inches and counting!

Update #3:
Morning! We slept through the whole thing! It looks like there was quite a bit of rain before we woke up. Now it is quickly freezing solid. Jeff plowed away the snow on top of the ice. The road into town was covered in thick frozen slush. A bobcat ran across the road in front of me on the way in too! Neat, eh?