Sherpani MilliJust fessin’ up here.

I just caved and put my watch on.

Ahhhh my wrist no longer feels naked.

And while I had my bag open, I noticed I now have 6 tubes of chapstick in there. Remember when I posted this – Chapstick – back in 2006? And remember what Dad got me for my birthday that year? See My 31st Birthday.

Anyway, it’s getting harder and harder to deny that this bag is a purse (shown here). I’m not a purse person, and I refuse to admit this may resemble a purse. The company calls it a “medium shoulder bag” so I’m sticking with calling it a BAG.

I love Sherpani bags! Every style they have. Check ’em out –

I don’t carry a wallet anymore either. They are too bulky. Who uses cash or cheques anymore? There are really only 4-5 cards I use regularly, so I ditched my bulky wallet.

When I was in Thunder Bay I noticed my friend Jen had this hard plastic case for her debit and credit cards. I loved it! So I bought one. Now I use this for my cards:

plastic hard case I carry my cards in