Garmin Nuvi 1390TGuess who won a Garmin nuvi 1390T from !?!

That’s right.


In their email newsletter yesterday, they mentioned they hid 3 easter eggs on pages on their site. I was taking a night off working and was sitting in the living room with Jeff, watching tv, each of us on our laptops, so I told him about it, and we each started surfing the website, clicking on links, looking at their products, hunting for the winning eggs.

What a genius business idea! I spent an hour looking through all their products, and they have A LOT! I bought Jeff a really nice handheld unit for his birthday from them last year, but really didn’t have any idea of how broad their product base was until I spent all the time searching their website.

And then there it was!! I hovered over a link and saw easter-eggy link text. I clicked on it and there it was!! I won one of three of the prizes they were giving away!

I’m really excited. We have an older Garmin Nuvi but the last few times we’ve used it in Halifax, we realized how out of date the maps were. Map updates are pricey so we were thinking we might just use my iPhone from now on, but this will be WAY better!