It is already 21°C at 7am and feels really sticky and humid. Two days ago it was 10°C at this time of the day.

I’ll be watching the hurricane Irene updates for you today 🙂

Overnight she weakened to a category 2. There is a slim chance it will restrengthen to a category 3 today.

Path hasn’t changed much. I’m about to listen to an update on CBC Radio out of Halifax with meteorologist Chris Fogerty of the Canadian Hurricane Centre.

I’ll let you know if he gives any new information or predictions.

(Awww crap – just spilled some strawberry jam on my shirt. Cleanable? Or do I have to change. ARgh!)

Updates from the radio interview:
-the storm is 700 km wide
-storm heading for eastern part of Long Island/Cape Code
-track through Maine is not yet pinned down
-water temperatures are pretty close to normal around here now – was well below, but now it has warmed up
-looking at past storm tracks, when storms went through Maine, Nova Scotia has got lots of wind, wind damage. Gloria went through Western Maine and there wasn’t much of an impact in Nova Scotia.
-if it hits the Bay of Fundy, combined with the moon and tides, and if it hits mid-day Monday, the storm surge will be quite bad.

OKay – have to clean my shirt and brush my teeth and fill the bird feeders and get on my way to work!